Our Team

Meet our team of vets, veterinary nurses and practice staff, who will assist with the care of your animal.

  • Helen Robinson

    Dr Helen Robinson

    Principal Veterinarian

    About Helen

  • Frances Higgins

    Dr Frances Higgins

    Associate Veterinarian

    About Frances

  • Anita Roach

    Dr Anita Roach

    Associate Veterinarian

    About Anita

  • Ruth Edwards

    Ruth Edwards

    Veterinary Nurse

    About Ruth

  • Kylie Heiner

    Kylie Heiner

    Veterinary Nurse

    About Kylie

  • Jill Hodge

    Jill Hodge

    Receptionist & Admin Manager

    About Jill

  • Lydia Forster

    Lydia Forster

    Veterinary Nurse & Receptionist

    About Lydia

  • Shannon Knoth

    Shannon Knoth

    Veterinary Nurse

    About Shannon